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Taming Anxiety

As we continue to navigate new phases of the Covid-19 pandemic, the list of things that someone might be anxious about is never-ending. To help individuals learn to live with their anxiety, Dr. Luana teamed up with Dan Harris and Leslie Booker to create a 10-day series of videos through the Ten Percent Happier app.

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Every 1 needs to talk 2 some 1

During mental health awareness month, Dr. Luana joined Vic Mensa & Lauren Jauregui and Jeremy Fall & Yung Pueblo to talk about mental health. Watch both clips today.

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“How to Make Anxiety Your Best Friend”

It never feels good to be anxious, but anxiety has a vital function. In this video, Dr. Luana shares her personal story that highlights how we can approach anxiety.

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COVID-19 Resources


Skills for navigating the emotional waves of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis are within reach. Sign up to receive access to an online course for building skills to navigate stressful situations.

COVID-19 Resources


A 3-Step Plan to Transform Anxiety into Power

Bold Move is Harvard-based psychotherapist Dr. Luana Marques’ unique, tried and tested method to get you out of your rut and find the courage to create a more confident and meaningful life. Dr. Luana pinpoints the anxiety at the root of avoidance and shows how you can overcome it and achieve your goals.

The Becoming Bold Worksheet

The Becoming Bold Worksheet provides a framework to help you clearly identify what is getting in the way of you and your goals.

  • Learn about the common denominator of unfulfilled potential
  • Understand the roadblocks you’re currently facing
  • Identify where in your life you can make your first bold move
Becoming Bold Worksheet

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