Introducing Bold Move: A 3 Step Plan to Transform Anxiety Into Power

Are you tired of anxiety holding you back? Get ready to break free with the highly anticipated
release of my new book Bold Move: A 3-Step Plan to Transform Anxiety into Power, hitting
shelves on May 23rd! This groundbreaking book is the product of years of research and my own personal and professional experience, offering a science-backed approach to conquering anxiety
and achieving your dreams.

Do you yearn to live life boldly and authentically? Bold Move shows that anyone can do just that, no matter the circumstances. Inspired by my own journey of overcoming adversity in Brazil to becoming a Harvard Professor, the book guides you through a practical, 3-step method for escaping the vicious cycle of avoidance that keeps us trapped in anxiety and fear.


What if I told you that anxiety is not the real enemy? Anxiety may feel crippling, but it's just a symptom—not the root cause—of what's holding you back. The true problem lies in how you respond to anxiety, and if you choose avoidance, you stay stuck in a loop that prevents you from living you best, most authentic life. In Bold Move, I provide a roadmap for managing discomfort effectively, empowering you to break free from avoidance and live a more confident, meaningful life. While avoidance might temporarily ease discomfort, it ultimately leaves us imprisoned in anxiety and unable to achieve our goals.

Are you prepared to turn your anxiety into unstoppable strength? Bold Move provides you with a blueprint to effectively manage discomfort and escape the clutches of avoidance, empowering you to live a more confident, purposeful value driven life.

I am thrilled to announce the upcoming release of my book! Pre-order Bold Move: 3-Step Plan to Transform Anxiety Into Power today and embark on a transformative journey.


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  1. I can not wait to read this book and share with my women’s book group. The idea that anxiety is just a symptom but not a root cause turns how I’ve viewed and tried to manage anxiety all of these years.


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