The Heartbeat of Formula 1: Reconnecting with a Lost Love


The world of Formula 1 has captured the hearts and ignited the passions of over half a billion fans across the globe, including my own. Growing up in Brazil, I was captivated by the sport, especially by the legendary Ayrton Senna. To my young eyes, his racing was pure magic, as he defied the limits of possibility and epitomized excellence. In my darkest moments, Senna's
unwavering passion and devotion inspired me to keep pushing through adversity, hoping that one day I could chase my dreams with the same fiery spirit.

The tragic loss of Senna on May 1, 1994, was a devastating blow not only to me but to millions of others around the world. For years, I avoided watching F1, not because my love for it had faded, but because it was a painful reminder of a lost hero. As a Harvard psychologist today, I recognize that this avoidance was a coping mechanism for dealing with my deep-seated grief. Over time, I realized that by turning my back on F1, I was depriving myself of the joy and excitement that it once brought to my life. So, I chose to face my pain, reconnect with the sport I loved, and draw inspiration from Senna to excel in my own career.

And now, with a heart brimming with gratitude and awe, I am beyond thrilled to announce that I will be speaking at the F1 Miami Grand Prix this May. If someone had told my 16-year-old self that I would not only attend an F1 race but also have the opportunity to share my journey and inspire others, I would have never believed it. But I now see that through hard work, determination, and unwavering commitment, we can all achieve a level of excellence that transcends boundaries and creates magic.

At the F1 Accelerate event, I am honored to join a lineup of visionaries from sports, entertainment, and business, including Olympic gold medalist Lindsay Vonn and CEO of, Jerry Colonna. Our panel, Achieving excellence, defining purpose, effecting change, will delve into the secrets of reaching peak performance, unlocking corporate success, and attaining the highest level of excellence while staying true to our core values and purpose.

For those interested in learning more about my journey, I encourage you to pre-order my latest book, Bold Move: A 3 Step Plan to Transform Anxiety Into Power. It offers a science-backed approach to conquering anxiety and leading a bold, authentic life, drawing from my own experiences and years of research.

Let's embark on this adventure together, unlocking the limitless potential within ourselves, and embracing the power of dreams, determination, and purpose. I hope to meet many of you at the summit, where we can share our love for F1 and celebrate the incredible journey that has brought
us all together.

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