Behind the Pages: The Emotional Rollercoaster of Writing My New Book


As the release of my new book draws near, I am compelled to share my raw and honest journey with you - the highs and lows, the insecurities, and the exhilarating moments. Writing this book has been a deeply transformative experience, and by opening up about my vulnerability, I hope to forge a profound connection with you so we can build a bold world. Together let's embark on an adventure of self-discovery and embrace a world where we courageously act on our values and show up fully as ourselves, to live bold and fulfilling lives.

From the beginning, the task of writing an entire book loomed large, casting a shadow of doubt over me. My mind incessantly whispered, "You're an impostor, you'll never get this done." I often questioned whether I could reach the finish line. But as I delved deeper into the world I was creating through the pages, my passion for guiding others through their challenges sparked an inner fire that fueled my writing.

There were days when I stared at a blank page, my mind devoid of ideas, and I questioned my ability to complete this book. Perhaps you can relate to those moments when it feels as if your brain has abandoned you, taking an extended lunch break just when you were struggling to quell your anxiety. However, I reminded myself to apply the very techniques I share in my book to combat my own thoughts, and to grant myself the grace needed to overcome instances of writer's block. With each word, sentence, and paragraph, I drew nearer to realizing my dream of finishing the book and sharing it with you.

As the journey neared its end, a maelstrom of emotions surrounded me. The exhilaration of releasing my book into the world was tempered by anxiety of how it would be received. As I participated in pre-release activities – podcasts, interviews, news articles – I had to continuously battle my mind, reminding myself that being bold does not equate to being fearless. Being bold means persistently moving towards the mission of sharing science-based steps to living one’s dream life, despite my own trepidation.

Now, as my book prepares to take flight, I am filled with gratitude for this transformative journey. It has been a path of self-discovery and growth, an opportunity to explore my passion and share my insights with you. Writing this book has been the most therapeutic experience of my life, while beautifully merging my personal and professional worlds.

I invite you to join me in building a bold world by pre-ordering my book, Bold Move: A 3 Step Plan to Transform Anxiety Into Power. Drawing from my personal experiences and years of research, I present a science-backed approach to embracing anxiety and harnessing it as a superpower. Together, let's take action towards our values and show up fully as ourselves, living the bold and fulfilling lives we deserve.

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